A team of volunteers coming together to make a difference!



CCG members work with Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign team who coordinate monthly beach cleans from March to October.

The sites to be cleaned are chosen based on footfall and also reports from the public about where they are observing debris and have been conducted at Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks, Wobiri, Jurabi Turtle Information Centre, Town Beach and the Marina as well as further afield at Ningaloo Station.

The clean ups are open to any member of the public to join in and take part.  The collection of debris usually takes place for 60-90 minutes.  The debris is then weighed and sorted into what material it is made of and then recorded using Tangaroa Blue’s criteria and data entered into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database. 

The data collection and recording is crucial.  This data enables statistics to be presented to industry and others to try to change products or affect behavioural changes.  With data contributions from the whole of Australia patterns can be identified.

If you would like to join us look out for the posts on Facebook, letting you know where we will be!