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Why Join The Cape Conservation Group?




Cape Conservation Group (CCG) is a community group comprised of passionate and motivated members who are committed to preserving the majestic natural environment of the North West Cape. Unfortunately, our resources – particularly time – are limited.


This region is enjoyed and revered by locals, as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists from Australia and across the world each year.  About 220,000 people visited Cape Range National Park last year.  However, development and industrial pressure on this remarkable region are accelerating at an alarming rate, while adequate environmental protection is anticipated to decline under proposed changes by the current WA government.
CCG believes that unless stronger public support for the protection of the North West Cape’s natural environment takes place now, the treasure of Ningaloo, the Cape Range and Exmouth Gulf may be irresversibly altered.  If development and industry are not effectively assessed, managed, and monitored at a legislative level, there could be a devestating impact on this unique natural environment, including the creatures that live here.


Some of the ways you can promote preservation of the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth Gulf and the Cape Range include:


  • Contact CCG or check out some websites to find out more about a project (link: projects page) or issue;
  • Write a letter or contact members of local, state and federal government;
  • Become a member of CCG – a great way to stay informed through our monthly newsletter (link: newsletters), or come along to a meeting as a visitor link to meetings and membership pages;
  • Get involved in some of our field-based projects if you are in the area when they are scheduled (link to projects page);
  • Offer to volunteer some time – even for a short period – doing anything from preparing grant applications, correspondence, research, filing etc;
  • If you have been involved in an interesting conservation project or community-based environmental program that’s relevant to the North West Cape, we’d love to hear about it!  We often have guest speakers which are open to the public as part of our community education program (link:  meetings, guest speakers);
  • Become a corporate or personal sponsor for one of our projects.


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